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Magellan PlusXT / Spacemouse PlusXT

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Built by LogiCad3D (2000)

Also known as 'Magellan/SpaceMouse Plus XT'.

Available in serial and USB versions, with 10 programmable buttons.
The '*' button in tandem with the other buttons allows for zeroing, setting the sensitivity,
and axis dominance of the device within the hardware itself. (see: instructions on the bottom of the device)

Buttons have LED back lights.

Reference Material

LogiCad3D Magellan Windows Users Manual 2000 (PDF)
LogiCad3D Magellan Linux Users Manual 2000 (PDF)
LogiCad3D Magellan Programmers Manual 2000 (PDF)

LogiCad3D Magellan Windos Users Manual 2001 (PDF)
LogiCad3D Magellan Linux Users Manual 2001 (PDF)

Magellan Communication Protocol (PDF) --by John Tsiombikas

3DConnexion Brochure 2001 -- Effortless Control (PDF)
3DConnexion Brochure 2003 -- Premium Motion Controller (PDF)

Original MSRP: $745

Firmware ID:
  • MAGELLAN Version 6.50 by LogiCad3D GmbH 05/11/00
  • MAGELLAN Version 6.60 3Dconnexion GmbH 05/11/01
  • MAGELLAN Version 6.70 3Dconnexion GmbH 05/11/02

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