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Privacy Policy

From Spacemice

We have no privacy policy, because we collect no personal data.

Let us be clear. Privacy online is what you make of it. If you actively block or spoof such info to prevent tracking, then good for you! The less you broadcast, the less there is to be data-mined. We collect no information that is not automatically generated by virtue of visiting, just like every other internet website.

The Spacemice Wiki is a hobby site at best, and has no need of any personal data from its visitors. We use StatCounter and GoogleAnalytics to track hits and referrers, so that we can know how you found our site and how you spent your time here.

We can see your IP address, the time of day you visited, the link you clicked or the words you searched to get here, the pages you visited while here, the files you downloaded from us, and that embarrassing selfie you felt the need to send us via the Contact page.

This data is not shared, traded, sold, bartered, or given to anyone.

We operate no mailing lists, staff no call centers, and have no FAX line. You can rest assured, that you will never be contacted by us, unless you contact us first.

Surf safely.

--The Management