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How it was done.

This MediaWiki manifestation is the result of migrating data from the original Spacemice Wiki website. All pages have been rewritten with a generic text editor, no automatic HTML generators were used. The pages do not require any 3rd party plug-ins, nor do they contain any JAVA applets or browser specific code. Some pages do contain a small amount of Javascript/JQuery code for the presentation of images and data. Overall, the site was designed with the intent of being readable in any modern browser. (sorry Lynx)


This website does not use pop-ups or ads or any kind. We here at the Spacemice WIki condone and encourage the use of HTML filters such as AdBlock Plus to remove ad banners and pop-ups. If you do encounter an advertisement while visiting our site, please CONTACT us immediately so we can investigate and terminate.


When possible, copies of images and files referenced on this site, are copies from their original locations. This practice is often referred to as leeching and is considered to be bad form. We apologize to the internet for this, however this site is historical in nature, and the sudden disappearance of said data would be a loss for all. We make no claim on the data, and do not claim it as ours. When practical, links to the original material have also been provided. If an entire site is devoted to the subject matter being displayed, then a link to that site will also be included.


There were no spelling or grammar checkers used in the production of these pages. It probably shows.

The disclaimer for the disclaimer

When possible, this site has been tested under MSIE, Firefox and Chrome to ensure optimum viewing consistency. Layout was designed on a 1280x1024 screen, but the pages were written to display correctly on resolutions as low as 1024x768. Local graphics were kept small (usually 450x450) to permit quick loading, even for the bandwidth challenged. The recent change to the MediaWiki format may invalidate any or all of the above disclaimers. Only time will tell.