Input Devices for a 3D World

Infrequently Asked Questions

From Spacemice

Q1) How many Spacemice do you own?
  • A) The Collection currently stands at 50. There will be more...

Q2) What do you do with them all?
  • A) A couple are used for 3D/CAD, but most of them are in storage, waiting to be called back into service to check compatibility with releases of the spacenav and spacenav-plus linux drivers.

Q3) What drove you to collect spacemice, and create this website?
  • A) It started as simple curiosity with the technology, but that coupled with a little bit of OCD has created all you see here. I like to call it Poke'mon Syndrome... "Gotta catch 'em all!"

Q4) Why so few FAQ?
  • A) Global warming?