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Spaceball 5000

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Built by 3DConnexion ( 2003) and rebranded by several companies. (IBM, HP)
Official support for the Serial model ended Dec. 31 2006.
Official support for the USB model ended Dec. 31 2009.

Available in serial and USB versions, with 12 programmable buttons.
Detachable wrist rest can be mounted to either side for left or right hand operation.

Serial -- Model: 5000FLX
USB --- Model: 5000USB

If your mouse is a 5000 FLX-A, you should refer to the Spaceball 4000 page.

Reference Material

3DConnexion Brochure -- Premium Motion Controller (PDF)
3DConnexion Brochure -- Steps Up Your Game (PDF)
3DConnexion Brochure -- The Next Generation 3D Motion Controller (PDF)
3DConnexion Brochure -- Premium Motion Controller v2 (PDF)

Original MSRP: $499

Firmware ID:
  • SPACEBALL Version 8.20 3Dconnexion GmbH 05/11/02. (serial model only)

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