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Spaceball 4000 / 5000-FLX-A

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First built by Labtec 1999, and later by 3DConnexion.
Was rebranded by several companies. (Spacetec, IBM, HP, Compaq, Labtec)
3Dconnexion ended official support on Dec. 31 2006.

Press Release announcing Labtec's Spaceball 4000 (1999)

Model 4000 FLX
HP: A49922A
IBM: 6094-051
Compaq: PN 112138-B21

Serial device, with 12 programmable buttons.
Detachable wrist rest can be mounted to either side for left or right hand operation.

The 5000-FLX-A

While labeled as a Spaceball 5000, internally the 'FLX-A' model is a Spaceball 4000.
It still uses the older Spaceball technology rather than the newer Magellan internals of a true Spaceball 5000.

Model: 5000 FLX-A
HP: DE934A
IBM: 33L3253

Reference Material

3DConnexion Brochure for 4000 model (PDF)

Original MSRP: $695

Firmware ID:
  • Firmware version 2.42 created on 24-Oct-1997
  • Firmware version 2.43 created on 13-Oct-2000
  • Firmware version 2.45 created on 06-May-2003 (5000 FLX-A)
Spaceball_4000 Spaceball_Wrist

Other Images...

Spaceball_4000 Spaceball_4000 Spaceball_4000 Spaceball_4000 Spaceball_4000 Spaceball_4000

Dissection and Pinout...

Different vendors may have supplied cables, we cannot guarantee wire colors are identical, so we have listed the pin-to-pin layout.

To disassemble, remove rubber feet from each end of the Spaceball, and remove the 4 screws found underneath.

To remove the circuit card, remove the two screws holding it in place, and carefully disconnect the JST connectors.