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Spaceball 3003 / 3003C

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Built by Spacetec IMC Ltd. (1996) and rebranded by several companies. (Spacetec, IBM, HP)

ex: Hewlett Packard Model A4361C

Like the 2003 before it, this model was built in two variations.
The older 3003 and the newer 3003C (sometimes called the 3003FLX)
Unlike the 2003, the older 3003 does not require an external power supply.

FCC ID: I9E-3003C Model:3003C

Serial device, with 2 programmable buttons.

A thrid non-programmable button on the right side of the body 'zeros' the device.

Press Release announcing the 3003C.

Reference Material

Spacetec IMC Brochure for 2003/3003 models(PDF)

HP Product Data(PDF)

Spaceball 2003/3003 Protocol(PDF) by John Hilton

Original MSRP: $695

Firmware ID:
  • Firmware version 2.35 created on 23-Aug-1995 (Model 3003)
  • Firmware version 2.62 created on 24-Oct-1997 (Model 3003C)
  • Firmware version 2.63 created on 28-Sep-1998 (Model 3003C)


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