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Spaceball 2003 / 2003C

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Built by Spacetec IMC Ltd. (1991) and later rebranded for several companies. (IBM, HP)
'Replaced' by the SpaceBall 4000 in June of 1999. (Labtec)

Spacetec IMC: Model 2003
FCC ID: I9E2003

Spacetec IMC : Model 2003C
IBM : IBM 6094-031

Hewlett Packard : HP A4360A
FCC ID: I9E-2003C

Serial device, with 8 programmable buttons and a hardware zeroing button.

The 2003 uses button #8 to zero the device and has a button integrated into the forward face of the ball itself. Draws more power than the serial port can provide, so has a custom cable which allows for an external wall wart supply.

The 2003C moved the zeroing button to a recessed position on the right side of the device, and has no button on the ball. Power requirements were reduced and can be driven directly from the serial port.

Reference Material

Spacetec IMC Brochure for 2003/3003 models (PDF)

Spaceball Protocol and Pinout (txt)

Spaceball 2003/3003 Protocol (PDF) by John Hilton

Spaceball at the Computer History Museum

Original MSRP: $1200 ($795 for the 2003C)

Firmware ID:
  • Firmware version 2.02 created on 11-Jun-1991 (2003)
  • Firmware version 2.13 created on 07-Apr-1993 (2003)
  • Firmware version 2.15 created on 08-Jul-1993 (2003)
  • Firmware version 2.42 created on 24-Oct-1997 (2003C)