Input Devices for a 3D World


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Built by 3DConnexion starting in 2006

Model: 3DX-700028 (Standard Edition)
Model: 3DX-700029 (Personal Edition)

USB device, with 2 programmable buttons.

Physically identical, the Standard and Personal editions differed only by Price, Licensing, and Support.
Standard Edition models allowed commercial use, and had full phone, email, and web support.
Personal Edition models were limited to non-commercial use and have only web support through the 3DConnexion Forum.

The Personal Edition was discontinued in October 2009.

Ever want to take one apart and see what is inside? Please dont!
This guy has already done it for you... Poison Nuke Forum (German) (Google Translate)

Official 3DConnexion Page for the SpaceNavigator

Reference Material

3DConnexion Brochure for Space Navigator(PDF)

Original MSRP: $99 (Standard Edition)
Original MSRP: $59 (Personal Edition)