Input Devices for a 3D World


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Official 3DConnexion Support for the SpaceExplorer ended on May 31, 2016.

Built by 3DConnexion (2008)
Official support for the serial model ended Mar. 31 2010.
Official support for the USB model ended May. 31 2016.

USB Model: 3DX-700026
Serial Model: 3DX-600026

Available in serial and USB, with 15 programmable buttons.

What is inside?
Do not try this at home... Exploded view of Space Explorer

Reference Material

3DConnexion Brochure for the SpaceExplorer (PDF)

Original MSRP: $299

Firmware ID:
  • SpaceExpl. Version 9.00 3Dconnexion GmbH 14/08/06. (serial model only)