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Orbotron 9000

From Spacemice

USB/Serial adapter built around an Arduino Leonardo micro-controller.
Designed by VPutz (2013)

The Orbotron 9000 serves as an adapter for serial spacemice,
so they appear as standard USB HID game controllers.

This device is a single board followup to the original Orbduino/OrbShield.

Jaycrowe's Message Board -- Latest build and development status.

GitHub repository for the latest Orbotron 9000 software.

Thingotron Store -- Order your Orbotron in kit or completed form.

Original MSRP: $ 34.99 --KIT $42.00 --SMD

Serial Devices supported by the Orbotron 9000
  • Currently, only the SpaceOrb360, Spaceball 4000, are confirmed to work perfectly.
  • Spaceball 2003 and 3003 translate correctly, but buttons do not currently map to anything.
  • Spacemouse Classic fails to translate, but buttons map correctly.
  • SpacemousePlus, PlusXT, and Spaceball 5000 work, but the mapping of some buttons overlaps.

Confirmed Working
Limited Functionality
Should Work
Likely NOT Working
NOT Working