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Official driver now supports 3dStudio Max 2018.
Get the 3DxWare 10.5.x driver directly from 3dConnexion

What are Spacemice?

A typical computer mouse has only two degrees of freedom. Translational motion along X and Y axis. Some would argue that the mouse wheel offers a 3rd degree of freedom, allowing for the input of Z data. Though the rolling of a mouse wheel with your finger isnt exactly intuitive as related to vertical motion as picking the mouse up off the desk would be. In 3D applications, it is more often used to 'zoom' the viewing area in and out.

By contrast, Spacemice allow six degrees of freedom. (6DOF)
The puck or ball of a spacemouse can be moved along X, Y and Z axis as well as being twisted rotationally on each of those axis. (Roll, Pitch and Yaw)

This wiki is dedicated to the gathering of any and all historical information pertaining to the various models of these controllers.

• CHECK OUT :: Hypersonic's study of 6DOF devices.

We now maintain a Page for general 3D mouse discussion, Q&A, and site announcements.

Where to Find Spacemice

3dconnexion@YouTube 3dconnexion@Twitter 3DConnexion -- SpaceNavigator, SpacePilot Pro, SpaceMouse Pro
3DMaus@YouTube 3DMaus@Twitter SpaceControl -- Makers of the SpaceController, Germany
SpatialFreedom@YouTube Spacial Freedom -- Home of the Astroid 6000, Australia

eBay Listings (Computers & Networking)
eBay Listings (Business & Industrial)

Official Driver Software

3DxWare -- Official driver software for 3DConnexion devices
Spatial Freedom -- Drivers and plugins for the Astroid 6000
SpaceController -- Software downloads for the SpaceController

Open Source Projects

LibSBall -- Driver library for serial Spaceballs
LibOrb -- Driver library files for SpaceOrb/Spaceball Avenger
spacenavd -- Linux driver for 3DConnexion Spacemice
spacenav-plus -- Fork of spacenavd for Magellan devices
spnavkbd -- Translates spacemouse movement to keypresses
Orbduino -- Arduino project allowing serial spacemice to be used as USB HID.
Orbotron 9000 GitHub repository -- Latest software for this Serial to USB Adapter
HIDSporb Project -- A Windows driver for the SpaceOrb.
Spaceball vJoy Feeder -- Recognize Spaceballs as joysticks via vJoy
SBW -- Spaceball 5000 support for Windows 8
ControlMyJoystick -- App to use SpaceNavigator as a 6DOF joystick.
relabsd -- Tool for converting relative motion into absolute.
JAVA API for 3dConnexion devices

Blender Compatibility
Using a SpaceController with Blender
• Windows 8 + Spaceball 5000 + Blender + SBW.

Latest Changes / News

Aug-09-2017 Official Driver Update
3DxWare 10.5.0 from 3dConnexion

Mar-07-2017 Software Update
JAVA API for 3dConnexion devices

Dec-14-2016 Software Update
• A fork of spacenav-plus that will compile on MacOSX
• Bringing antique serial spacemice to MacOS.

May-31-2016 -- Official Support for SpaceExplorer Ended!!!

Apr-25-2016 NEW DEVICE!!!
• New Product Release:: Spacemouse Enterprise

Apr-28-2015 New Page!!
• Showcasing unique production units.. Limited Editions

Apr-28-2015 New Device!!
• Added a new device, the Lexip 3D Pro

Dec-20-2014 New Software!!
• Use you SpaceNavigator as gaming joystick with ControlMyJoystick

Oct-19-2014 New Software!!
• Windows 8 Users can now use the Spaceball 5000 with Blender! SBW.

Sep-25-2014 New Home
• Welcome to WWW.SPACEMICE.ORG Update your bookmarks!

Aug-18-2014 Software Update
spacenavd updated to version 0.6




Spacemice though the years, arranged chronologically by manufacturer.
Do you have a spacemouse? Show it to us!
Do you use it in a unique way? Tell us about it!
There are many Spacemice which we have found almost no information. Some were non-production prototypes and others have simply been lost to antiquity. Please, look over the devices in this section and help us document them.
While these devices add some degrees of freedom above and beyond the normal mouse, they are not truly Spacemice.
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