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Elecom M-3D1UR / Sandio Game O2 Mouse

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Originally built by Elecom of Osaka, Japan (2006)
Reissued by Sandio as the Sandio Game O'Mouse (2007)
Reissued by Sandio as the Sandio Game O2 Mouse (2008)

A 5 button USB laser mouse with wheel, selectable laser resolution, and using Sandio 3D technology for 6DOF input.

Laser optics sensitivity can be switched to 400/800/1600/2000 dpi resolutions.

Elecom page for the M-3D1UR (Japanese) (Google Translate)

Announcement articles at Gizmodo and TechFresh.

The image of the green prototype (lower right) was taken at E3 in 2006.

Original MSRP: Elecom model 12,800 YEN (approx $108)
Original MSRP: Sandio models $80

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