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Limited Edition

From Spacemice

Spacemouse 'Airbrushed'

Functionally identical to the standard Magellan/Spacemouse Classic but custom airbrushed space scenes painted onto them. Each is signed 'Airbrush Team (c)99' which would place them shortly after LogiCad took over production, though the one in our collection is labeled 'Logitech' which took over in 2001. The total number produced is unknown. So far we have documented 8 unique specimens.

Reference Material
An airbrushed Magellan at the Bill Buxton Collection at Microsoft.

Original MSRP: $???
It is unknown if these limited edition spacemice were more expensive then the solid colored models.

Spacemouse 'Tiger'

These differ from the airbrushed models, in that the color patterns are in the plastic itself and not painted on the surface. Whether by design or by accident, a handful of black plastic beads got into the yellow beads before they were melted and injected into the molds, resulting in the random striping pattern. Total numbers are not know, but I have documented 4 known examples.
The winner of the eBay auction containing the pair of tigers sent me a better quality picture, including the boxes which list one of them as 'Tradeshow Demo Inventory'. (Thanks Andrew!)

Spaceball 2003 DEMO

This 'DEMO' model, for the IBM RS6000 series of workstations.
Includes some custom screen printing on the front face, and a 'DEMO' serial number.

Spaceball2003Demo_03.JPG Spaceball2003Demo_04.JPG Spaceball2003Demo_05.JPG