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Cyberpuck / Puckman

From Spacemice

Built by LogiCad (1999)

Model: 09200263
FCC ID: DZLSPCMSE (same as SpaceMouse Classic)

Serial device, with 5 Quicktip buttons (software detected taps of the puck, not true buttons)
Later avaialble as an USB Model (Press release: February 29, 2000)

Technology based on the Magellan Spacemouse.

Press Release Announcing LogiCad's Cyberpuck

Reference Material

LogiCad3D Cyberpuck Manual v2.1 2000 (PDF)
LogiCad3D Puckman Manual v2.4 2001 (PDF)
Puckman Brochure (PDF)

LogiCad3D Magellan Programmers Manual v3.1 2000 (PDF)
Magellan Communication Protocol (PDF) --by John Tsiombikas

Original MSRP: $395

Firmware ID:
  • MAGELLAN Version 5.79 by LOGITECH INC. 10/10/97

Advert page from 3D Magazine, July 1999.