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Contact Information

From Spacemice

Acceptable Contact::

  • Questions about spacemice (I will do my best to answer)
  • New information about 3D controllers
  • Announcing new software related to Spacemice usage. (drivers, plugins, etc.)
  • Corrections of the information that is being presented.
  • Comments regarding broken HTML/WIKI code or dead links
  • Constructive criticism of page layout and design.
  • Pictures of your own spacemice! (*see below)

Unacceptable Contact::

  • Abusive comments
  • Spam

Rules for Sending Pictures

If you wish to submit an image of your spacemouse to this gallery, you may email the image to me, or provide the URL to where it is being hosted.

Images will be added to the Spacemice wiki site itself, so there will be no issues with 3rd party hot-linking, bandwidth limits, or bait-n-switch image swapping.

Also, please provide any text that you would like to accompany your image (name/location/what you use the spacemouse for/etc..)

Do not include anything that you do not wish to be included on the website. If necessary, images will be re-sized for clarity, or to conserve drive space.

Pictures with accompanying text (if any) should be mailed to Tehrasha at Gmail


All information submitted will be treated as confidential and will not be given, shared, traded, rented, or sold to any friends, affiliates, business associates or random strangers, unless specifically requested otherwise in the correspondence.
( For details, see our Privacy Policy )


Unacceptable correspondence will be ridiculed in the appropriate public forums, and reported to the originating ISP administrators for punitive action. Spammers... THIS MEANS YOU!

If you feel that you have information which meets these requirements, feel free to contact Tehrasha at any of the following locations. Twitter, Gmail, G+

We now maintain a Page for general 3D mouse discussion, Q&A, and site announcements.