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Dec-14-2016 Software Update
• A fork of spacenav-plus that will compile on MacOSX
• Bringing antique serial spacemice to MacOS.

Apr-25-2016 NEW DEVICE!!!
• New Product Release:: Spacemouse Enterprise

Dec-04-2015 Yet another...
• Collection update:: #50 Spaceball 3003

Aug-26-2015 Early Christmas...
• Collection update:: #49 SpaceExplorer USB
• Collection update:: #48 Cadman Serial
• Collection update:: #47 Spacemouse Classic USB

Aug-18-2015 Bucket List Shrinking...
• Collection update:: #46 Spaceball Avenger .

May-26-2015 UNICORN!!
• Collection update:: #45 SpaceNavigator Keyboard.

Apr-28-2015 New Page!!
• Showcasing unique production units.. Limited Editions

Apr-28-2015 New Device!!
• Added a new device, the Lexip 3D Pro

Dec-08-2014 New Pictures!!
• UPDATE: More additions to the Collection.

Oct-19-2014 New Software!!!
• Windows 8 Users can now use the Spaceball 5000 with Blender! SBW.

Oct-02-2014 New Pictures!!
• UPDATE: Added pictures to the latest mice in the Collection.

Sep-25-2014 New Home!!!
• Welcome to WWW.SPACEMICE.ORG Update your bookmarks!

Aug-18-2014 Software Update
spacenavd updated to version 0.6

Jul-03-2014 New Device !!
• Added the new SpaceMouse Pro Wireless to the Gallery

Mar-15-2014 Device removed from the Gallery
• Moved Axsotic to the Mystery page.

Mar-06-2014 Gallery Update and Links Restored
• Added SpaceNavigator Keyboard to the gallery.
• Links to archived documentation restored

Oct-01-2013 New Device !!
• Added SpaceMouse Wireless to the Gallery.
• Added Spaceball 1003 to Collection

Jun-01-2013 New Accessory !!
• Added the Orbotron 9000 Serial to USB adapter to the site.

Apr-18-2013 New Mystery Device !!
• Added Dimension 6 to the Gallery, Mystery, and Collection pages

Feb-17-2013 Collection Update

Feb-09-2013 New Device!!
• Added SpaceController GEN to the Gallery.

Aug-26-2012 Collection Update

Aug-24-2012 New Users Gallery Update

Aug-17-2012 Not Spacemice Update
• Added Logitech Cyberman and Cyberman2

Jul-14-2012 New Device!!
• Added Spaceball SpaceController to the Gallery

Jun-05-2012 New Mystery
• Added Prototype Controller to Mystery Devices

Jun-02-2012 Blender Compatibility Update.

May-22-2012 New Device!!
• Added Fujitsu ErgoPoint 3D device to Gallery.

• Added our first submission to the Users Gallery

Mar-14-2012 Mystery Solved!!!
• Added Cyberpuck to the main Gallery!
• Removed Cyberpuck from Mystery Devices

• Site went live on wikidot.