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Historical Events

• 2001 Logitech absorbed the US based Labtec (holder of the Spaceball design IP)
• 2001 Logitech absorbed the European based LogiCad3D (holder of the Magellan/Spacemouse design IP)
• 2001 Logitech spins-off its combined 3D controller division and 3DConnexion is born.
  • 3DConnexion continued to sell pre-merger models, with appropriate rebranding
• 2011 Logitech sells 3DConnexion to a private investor in Monaco, Italy

Internet Resources

3DConnexion Homepage
3DConnexion User Forum
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2003 Users Manual (PDF)
2004 Users Manual (PDF)
2004 Getting Started Guide (PDF)
2005 Users Manual (PDF)
2009 Product Range Brochure (PDF)

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